Eating SD: The Olive Cafe


I recently got back from a week long trip to San Diego for one of my closest friend’s weddings.  (I had never been to San Diego before, or at least hadn’t been since I was below 5 years old!).  I stayed the week in the Mission Beach area and had the opportunity to try out a few cute places in that area.

One morning for breakfast, we tried out The Olive Cafe and it was such a cute, casual and delicious spot that I would definitely recommend!  The Olive Cafe is located in a part of Mission Beach that is populated by little surf and swim boutiques and places to eat.  If you know San Diego, you know that nothing about San Diego is fancy.  Everything is casual and beach-y.

At the Olive Cafe, you order up a the counter, find your table, ad wait for one of the servers to call your name.  It is first come, first serve with seating, so definitely try to find somewhere before you are standing their holding your food.  There menu consists of classic breakfast and lunch items (BLTs, omelettes, pancakes, etc), San Diego specialties (breakfast burritos, chilaquiles, etc) and some in-house specialties as well!

Between the few of us that went, we all got something different; ranging from the mixed berry pancakes, the breakfast sandwich, the breakfast burrito and the chef’s choice scramble.

The Olive Cafe was the perfect beach-side brunch and I would recommend it to anyone that happened to be in the Mission Beach area!

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