Eating Paris: Miznon


Miznon is easily one of my go-to places to eat in Paris.  When I make restaurant recommendations for my friends and family in Paris, this is the place they cannot miss.

Owned by a Jewish Israeli family- Miznon is the perfect example of blending cultures.  Their menu is filled with classic French and Mediterranean dishes stuffed into a fresh and fluffy pita.  They are also famous for their whole roasted cauliflower heads, which are buttery, garlicky and perfectly cooked through.


Located in the hear of the Marais neighborhood in Paris, walking into Miznon feels like you are walking into your friend’s house.  The staff is outgoing and singing to the Israeli music blasting over the speakers.

My favorite things on the menu are always the lamb meatballs with fresh herbs and onions as well as the beef bourguignon pita.  While these two never disappoint, their menu is always changing and evolving to include new items like ratatouille pita and cheeseburger pita.

DO NOT MISS MIZNON.  I know they just opened in NYC as well but the one in Paris is truly a gem.

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