Eat DC: Maydan


Maydan is one of DC and the country’s hottest restaurants right now and it is no surprise why.  Located in the back of the Manhattan Laundry area of DC (think: W and 14th Street), Maydan’s entrance is pretty easy to miss.  In fact, while I was waiting for my friends to arrive, several people asked me where Maydan was and were surprised when I pointed to the discreet big door behind me.

When you walk in, it is like you have been transported to a secret tree house in the Middle East!  The two-floored restaurant features brick walls, a beautiful bar and the show stopper, a large copper grill hood for their open flame plancha.  The unique thing about Maydan is that everything they “cook” they cook on the plancha- no oven, stovetop or salamander.

The food is a big mix of cuisine types focused within the Middle East and North Africa.  While putting together the menu, the chef’s pull from a variety of influences and traditions, ranging from Persian, Algerian, Tunisian and Lebanese.  There are some classics, like hummus and kebab and some dishes that I have never heard or tasted before.

Side note: I was even more excited to try Maydan because one of the executive chefs/owners (Chris Morgan) worked at the Partisan when I was a hostess there a few years ago!  I love seeing where my old coworkers end up!


I have been to Maydan twice now and both times truly blew me away.  Some of my favorite dishes were the Season Fatoush salad, Halloumi cheese, Beiruti Hummus, Cauliflower and then two of my favorite dips are the Zhoug and Toum.

DC is lucky to have Maydan and everyone should try to get a reservation.  It is a perfect place to go with a group to try everything!

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