Eating Marin: Sol Food

Sol Food is a hidden gem in Marin County.  Ok, maybe not so hidden to locals but you definitely don’t go to SF or Marin FOR Sol Food… even though you totally should.  Sol Food serves authentic Puerto Rican food that is fresh and brings a new Latin cuisine to a heavily Mexican food ridden area. Everything […]

Eating CA: In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger, a West Coast classic.  When people all over the world think of California, I guarantee they say surfing, the beach, sunshine and In-N-Out; at least people who think about food all the time like I do. The menu is simple; burger, cheese burger, double burger/cheese burger, shakes in three flavors and fries.  That […]

Eating Daly City: Koi Palace

Let’s set the stage.  It is 9:30 AM and you pull into a huge parking lot, surrounded by a Best Buy and other large chain stores.  As you approach the back of the parking lot, you see a large line, well, more like a crowd, forming in front of a Chinese-style pagoda roofed building.  You […]

Eating Napa Valley: Bistro Jeanty

When I was home in October, my family and I did a day trip to Napa Valley- mind you I am from on 30 minutes south. We started off the morning with lunch at Solbar, the restaurant at Solage.  It was delicious, relaxing and picturesque Northern California.  From there we went to a bubbly wine […]