Chicken & Shrimp Gyoza

Dumplings are surprisingly sooooo easy to make.  They take a while to prep but they are totally worth it! Ingredients1 package of ground chicken2 cups shrimp; de-shelled, de-veined & chopped2 cups green onion; sliced2 tbsp garlic; minced1 cup crimini mushrooms; finely minced1 tsp ginger; minced2 tbsp soy sauce1 tsp mirin1 package of wonton wrappers FillingIn […]

Drunken Noodles

  History While there is no alcohol in this dish, it is theorized that someone came home drunk, looked at what they had in this dish, and voila!  Drunken Noodles were created.  I also think that there is no better solution for drunk food or a hangover than warm, spicy and carbo-loaded foods. Ingredients 1 […]

Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry

If you have been following my blog a bit you have probably noticed that I make a lot of “Asian inspired” dishes, and you’re right, I do!  Because to me they are my comfort food- obviously besides my dad’s dishes. Last night I decided to try out a simple stir fry dish because I was […]