Eating DC: Call Your Mother Deli

Call Your Mother Deli, if you live in (and around) DC and haven’t heard of them, have you been living under a rock? Opened by the same team that owns Timber Pizza Co., Call Your Mother Deli is a Jew-ish style deli. Think all your favorites, with a twist! I first found out about Call […]

Meatballs in Sweet Tomato Sauce

BackgroundFriday night I decided to be creative and try combining two of my favorite dishes- 1. My mom’s stuffed cabbage and 2. meatballs.  The stuffed cabbage (Hungarian style) my mom makes is made in a sweet and slightly sour tomato sauce, thanks to every Jewish home’s favorite spice, Sour Salt.  I decide to see what […]

Passover Edition: Macaroon Crusted Cheesecake

BackgroundWhile cheesecake is good year round and for every occasion, it is super easy to make a kosher for Passover version with some canned macaroons! Ingredients4 packages of cream cheese, room temperature1 cup of sugar4 eggs1 1/2 tsp of vanilla1 tsp lemon juice1 can of regular coconut macaroons (or homemade if you prefer) Crust Preheat […]

Passover Edition: Chopped Liver

BackgroundPassover shmassover- you can eat chopped liver any time, any where, on anything, as far as I am concerned.  For anyone that knows me in person, knows I constantly have my dad’s chopped liver stock piled in my freezer for when I need a fixin’. “What am I, chopped livah?!” Chopped liver has a bad […]

Passover Edition: Charoset

Charoset: A food we (Jews) eat on the Passover holiday that is made of fruit (apples, dried fruit), nuts and seasoned with sugar, cinnamon and wine.  On the Seder table Charosets represents the mortar that the Israelites used while enslaved in Egypt.  (Everything on the Seder table is symbolic). Look, there are probably thousands of […]

Gedempte Meatballs

Gedempte: /geh-dem-pt/ Yiddish for “well cooked” Now you may be thinking, “meatballs, isn’t that an Italian dish?”  Yes, technically you are correct but there are many variations of the meatball (condensed, balled meat) that span across history, countries, religions and more.  For these Gedepmte Meatballs, I took a variation on the typical sweet and sour […]