Eating DC: Call Your Mother Deli

Call Your Mother Deli, if you live in (and around) DC and haven’t heard of them, have you been living under a rock? Opened by the same team that owns Timber Pizza Co., Call Your Mother Deli is a Jew-ish style deli. Think all your favorites, with a twist! I first found out about Call […]

Passover Edition: Macaroon Crusted Cheesecake

BackgroundWhile cheesecake is good year round and for every occasion, it is super easy to make a kosher for Passover version with some canned macaroons! Ingredients4 packages of cream cheese, room temperature1 cup of sugar4 eggs1 1/2 tsp of vanilla1 tsp lemon juice1 can of regular coconut macaroons (or homemade if you prefer) Crust Preheat […]

Passover Edition: Chopped Liver

BackgroundPassover shmassover- you can eat chopped liver any time, any where, on anything, as far as I am concerned. ¬†For anyone that knows me in person, knows I constantly have my dad’s chopped liver stock piled in my freezer for when I need a fixin’. “What am I, chopped livah?!” Chopped liver has a bad […]