Fennel, Avocado & Orange Salad

Ingredients: 2 avocados; diced 2-3 oranges (OR 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit); supremed 1 fennel bulb; diced 3 tbsp orange juice (from the above oranges) 2 tbsp olive oil Salt & Pepper   In your serving bowl, layer the chopped fennel and avocado. Supreme your oranges OVER the fennel and avocado, letting the juices fall into […]

Fennel & Crispy Chickpea Salad

This salad is green, crunchy and super satisfying- for those days when you just need something quick and healthy.  (Would be delicious topped with steak or salmon too!) Ingredients(For one meal-sized serving of salad)2 cup of romaine lettuces; finely chopped2 can chickpeas; drained1 cup of fennel; choppedSalt & pepper1 tbsp of garlic salt2 tbsp olive […]